The following provides basic guidelines regarding the use of See Tickets logos, content and trademarks on external sites, promotional and marketing materials, and other independent campaigns.


You may use our branding in accordance with these guidelines without consulting us. If you intend to use any of our marks in a way that is not explicitly covered on this page, please contact and provide a visual mock-up of the intended use.

How to Use the See Tickets Brand, Logo, and Trademarks

See Tickets’ marks include but are not limited to: the See Tickets name, logo and any word, phrase, image, or other designation that references See Tickets and its products. You must not modify or alter See Tickets marks. Do not use them in any way that disassociates them from the brand or that confuses See Tickets with another brand.

Only use See Tickets marks on campaigns affiliated with See Tickets (for example, events using See Tickets ticketing) or in a way that clearly credits See Tickets (for example, a blog post about an upcoming See Tickets event with a link to the See Tickets event page).


Dark Gray EPS | PNG

White EPS | PNG

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Do’s and Dont’s

  • DO use our official See Tickets logo to represent our brand.
  • DO ensure the integrity of the See Tickets logo by keeping it clear of competing text, images and objects. It should have adequate clear space on every side (a space equal to half the height of the logo itself).
  • DO make sure our logo is at least 120px x 20px in size.
  • DO maintain our logo’s original proportions.
  • DO only use our logo on a simple (i.e. solid color) background.
  • DON’T change the color of the See Tickets mark – white, black, and dark grey (#232323) are the only approved colors for use.
  • DON’T rotate, stylize, warp, or animate the on every side (a space equal to half the height of the logo itself).
  • DON’T change the font of the See Tickets logo.
  • DON’T use the logo on busy backgrounds.
  • DON’T use any other logo or marks to represent our brand (this includes former Flavorus and Groovetickets logos).

Promoting Your Events

The See Tickets logo and name may only be used to promote (or reference) See Tickets-affiliated events. You must not use our logo in any context that may cause confusion to customers or event attendees. On print materials, the See Tickets logo should only appear when the promoter is selling tickets from, and directing customers to the See Tickets website. When used online (websites, blogs, social media posts, etc), any mention of the See Tickets brand or use of the See Tickets logo must include a direct link to either the related event listing or to the See Tickets homepage.

A Note on the Flavorus Brand

With the launch of See Tickets US, Flavorus is officially retired. When promoting or referencing our events, do not use the Flavorus name or logo as this will cause customer confusion. In all cases, use the See Tickets name and logo.

Additional Details

By using the See Tickets marks, you agree to follow the above policies. See Tickets reserves the right to cancel, modify, or change the permissions in this policy at any time. For more information about using the See Tickets mark and logo, please contact