Use See Tickets Tools to Manage No Shows


Drop counts, or no-shows, are when tickets are sold but the patron does not show up. As covid variants have increased, this has been a strong trend with venues reporting 30% drop counts on average with shows reaching as high as 60%. Venues, who make most of their money from food and beverage sales, are finding the even sold out or near sold out shows are resulting in dramatically decreased bar revenue.


Manage reduction in drop counts using See Tickets box office dashboard and wait list to make real-time inventory management decisions to either release more walk up tickets for sold out shows or paper the house at the last minute.


Increase food and beverage sales through proactive management of no-shows to minimize drop counts.

How it works:

1. Add messaging on shows to encourage potential ticket buyers to join the waitlist when the show sells out. Include messaging that states after a certain time, no-show tickets may be sold to available ticket buyers.

2. On the night of the show, monitor scanning using the See Tickets Box Office Scan Counts tool. When you feel the time is right, reach out to potential ticket buyers to fill the house. When that list is done, paper the house in any way you can.

3. Use See Tickets Report called Scan Counts Per Event to monitor trends and look follow how your Drop Counts are improving.

4. After the show, engage customer service to reach out to the no-shows and invite them to exchange their tickets for another show.