• LYTE: Added a ‘LYTE’ indicator on client accounts using LYTE, helping the customer support team better service customers.
  • Allow remaining tickets in an order to be transferable when one or more tickets in an order has been posted on LYTE.
  • Invalidate will call tickets that have been posted on LYTE by removing them from willcall paper list and Box Office fulfillment and pickup.
  • Ensure tickets created by LYTE do not appear in dashboard counts, stats or reports.
  • Ability to force the “Join Waitlist” button to appear next to a ticket type, regardless of ticket status.
  • Added Order Number to ‘create order’ route.



  • 3rd Party Application Authentication Service: Created a 3rd party application authentication service to use for integrations with tools such as HIVE.
  • WRSTBND Pre-Beta Improvement: Added ability for multiple See Tickets events to be associated with a WRSTBND event, used in the case where a See Tickets event uses multiple events to separate comps and sales.