• LYTE: Added a ‘LYTE’ indicator on client accounts using LYTE, helping the customer support team better service customers.
  • Allow remaining tickets in an order to be transferable when one or more tickets in an order has been posted on LYTE.
  • Invalidate will call tickets that have been posted on LYTE by removing them from willcall paper list and Box Office fulfillment and pickup.
  • Ensure tickets created by LYTE do not appear in dashboard counts, stats or reports.
  • Ability to force the “Join Waitlist” button to appear next to a ticket type, regardless of ticket status.
  • Added Order Number to ‘create order’ route.



  • WRSTBND Pre-Beta Release – Ticket Transfer: Made improvements to the ticket transfer functionality when Mobile Wallet is used. Note: as a rule of thumb, the See Tickets integrated ticket transfer option should not be used when an event is using Mobile Wallet as the delivery method. The Mobile Wallet registration process includes its own native ticket transfer feature that offers more control.
  • Set up email delivery service for mobile wallet.
  • Added ability to resend confirmation email via the Order Details and Box Office apps on WRSTBND events.
  • Updated event creation flow to send event info to WRSTBND when a See Tickets event with mobile wallet delivery methods are turned on.
  • Added ability to create comp tickets on a WRSTBND event via the Order Details and Guest List Manager.
  • Created an email to send to customers after being added to the Guest List for an event using a WRSTBND mobile wallet delivery method.
  • Set up trigger for the ticket ID to be sent to WRSTBND after a customer completes an order and before the transactional email is sent.
  • Implemented error handling to prevent events with differing delivery methods from being carted in a single order when a WRSTBND mobile wallet delivery method is active.



  • 3rd Party Application Authentication Service: Created a 3rd party application authentication service to use for integrations with tools such as HIVE.
  • WRSTBND Pre-Beta Improvement: Added ability for multiple See Tickets events to be associated with a WRSTBND event, used in the case where a See Tickets event uses multiple events to separate comps and sales.