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May 2022

  • Allow a past date on ‘Stop All Sales’
    • Updated Stop All Sales date error to allow brand users to change to a past date if needed to force the event to settle.
  • Inaccurate Live Stats
    • Live Stats were not showing comps broken down by sales source.
    • Lyte sales were reflecting in addition to the original ticket sold, resulting in a double count.
  • Order Details $0 Line Item Fix
    • Updated Order Details page to display $0.00 rather than ‘–’ when there is no cost on a specific line item. This also resolves a calculation issue when refunding a ticket.
  • Icons Load as Gibberish
    • Resolved an issue causing icon fonts to load intermittently:
See Tickets Transactional

February 2022

  • Resolved an issue causing a small number of payment plans to not charge on the payment date as expected.

December 2021

  • Payment Plan Updates
    • Updated payment plan schedule display to respect the fee display settings for the selected ticket type.
    • Resolved a display discrepancy in the initial amount on a customer’s payment plan confirmation email.

November 2021

  • Payment Plan Updates
    • Resolved an issue causing skipped payments when future payment dates overlap with existing payment dates.
    • Resolved an issue causing multi-ticket packages on payment plans to not be able to be refunded.
    • Added additional logging to payment plan reinstatements and the payment processing flow.

October 2021

  • Payment Plan Improvements:
    • Added additional error messaging to the payment plan feature to prevent saving payment plans which have a grace period larger than the number of days between payments.
    • Added error messaging to grace period days when the time between payments is greater than the number of grace period days set.
    • Added additional error messaging when a refund fails to process in the box office.
    • Resolved an issue allowing voided and reinstated payment plans to add the remaining payments’ value to the face value of the ticket.
    • Resolved an issue causing the payment plan status to change to ‘purchased’ before all payments had been made, likely due to incorrect grace period settings.
    • Resolved an issue causing refunds to fail on payment plans with multiple expired payments.
    • Resolved an issue causing refunds to fail after a portion of an order (such as shipping fee) had already been refunded. Note: this does not apply to custom partial refunds.

September 2021

  • Payment Plan Improvements:
    • Updated payment plan schedule verbiage to include instruction on how to reinstate an expired payment plan.
    • Resolved an issue causing a differing order total to show up the Customer CRM as compared to the customer’s Order Details.
    • Resolved an issue preventing users from being able to refund a payment plan order with expired payments.
    • Resolved an issue causing tickets to not appear on the refund page when they were part of a multi-ticket package, preventing the ability to refund the order.
  • Timer Delay: Improvements made to the timer delay experienced during onsales. Note: the event page still uses caching, but after users clear their cache, changes should appear immediately. 
  • Promo Code Timers: Added a time zone setting to client level promo codes which allows clients to set a time period for promo codes which apply to all events on their account.
  • Alt Terms & Conditions Improvements: Added V2 Alt Terms & Conditions settings to the template level for legacy event creation.
  • Guest List & Shipping Order Uploader: Added new formatting to the Guest List and Shipping Order Uploader helpers to include column letters, making it easier for a client to match their document with our formatting example.
  • Resolved – Templated Delivery Methods: Resolved an issue causing delivery methods to not carry over from the template level.
  • Resolved – Refunded Tickets on Dashboard: Resolved an issue causing refunded tickets to not be removed from ‘sold’ figures on the dashboard when an event had been canceled.

August 2021

  • Alt Terms & Conditions: Added a more flexible option for adding alternative terms and conditions to an event.
  • Event Location Field: Increased character count on Event Location field from 30 characters to 60 characters.

July 2021

  • Client XML Feed: Added publish date and UTC time fields to the client XML feed to improve website ‘Just Announced’ abilities and provide accurate event date/time data to HIVE for cart abandonment.
  • Delayed Delivery: Improved the user flow when setting up delayed delivery to require the user to have an initial delivery method turned on before turning on delayed delivery. This will prevent events from ending up with no delivery method after the delayed delivery date has passed.
  • Payment Plans: Added debugging logs to the payment plan feature to help resolve future errors.
  • Resolved – Shipping Labels: Resolved an issue causing shipping labels to generate a blank page.

June 2021

  • Scanning: Optimized the scanning stored procedure to improve a delay experienced when a large amount of events were performing scanning actions simultaneously.
  • Resolved – One Time Use Promo Codes: Resolved an issue causing ‘one time use’ promo codes to turn into ‘multi-use’ promo codes if a user does not generate a batch of codes before saving the promo code.
  • Resolved – Payment Plans: Resolved an issue with the reinstatement link not functioning properly when a payment plan has been voided after successful payments.

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