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November 2021

  • HIVE API Upgrade: Upgraded HIVE API to collect more accurate customer data using sales endpoints instead of relying on the SDK to grab customer info. Note: This release is for public events only, an update for private and public events will be released in the next few weeks.
  • Fully White Labeled Confirmation Emails: Added configuration options to create fully white labeled confirmation emails by event, including sending from a client’s email domain and skinning the entirety of the email design. 

October 2021

  • BandsInTown/SongKick Affiliate Feed – Added event end date to data being pushed to BandsInTown and Songkick to properly display multi-day events.
  • Facebook Publish Improvements:
    • Added the ability to search for co-hosts by profile ID, allowing clients to execute a more precise search for smaller artists.
    • Resolved an issue causing the event description to appear with improper formatting on Facebook events published through See Tickets.
    • Added error messaging when no page is selected.
  • New Genres: Added Experimental and Bluegrass genres to the genre dropdown on event creation.

September 2021

  • Geolocation added to new venues created to improve the Spotify integration for venue events.

August 2021

  • Facebook Publish improvements: 
    • Added a direct link to a published Facebook event to the Promote tool for users not logged into Facebook. This link will give client service and clients easier access to Facebook events created by clients.
    • Resolved an issue causing onsale date/time to appear in GMT.
  • Event Genres: Added Funk/Soul, and Jazz genres.

July 2021

  • Spotify: Added a Spotify toggle to the Promote tool so clients can better control which events appear on Spotify.

June 2021

  • Facebook Publish: Resolved an issue with Facebook events not being published at the same time as the event public date. 
  • Google+ Removed from Website: Google+ sharing capabilities and iconography has been removed from the platform due to Google no longer supporting this service.

March 2021

  • Facebook Publish Login: Resolved an issue with Facebook publish login not accepting new clients.

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