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March 2022

  • Resolved an issue causing client user emails to not appear in the Audit Details when refunds are performed by the client. Now, when a client user refunds a ticket through the box office, their email address will appear next to the line item in the Audit Details.
  • Added chargeback reason code to automatic chargeback notification.
  • Updated verbiage in automatic fraud reversal email to remove “reply-to” instructions.

January 2022

  • Improved Daily Stats Email sending accuracy.
  • Updated terms & conditions links on checkout page to open in a new tab.

November 2021

  • Improved security for Queue-It onsales.
  • Delayed Delivery Improvements: Resolved a loading issue for legacy reserved seating events using GA and reserved tabs.

October 2021

  • Added additional error logging to instant refunds to catch exceptions.
  • Improved access logs for Core API by adding user information when a request is made.
  • Implemented a system for tracking rate usage per user given access to the Core API.
  • Tech Improvements:
    • Resolved an issue causing the default fee to appear when creating an event using select templates.
    • Resolved an issue causing the box office cash processing fee to match that of the credit processing fee for clients using the legacy fee setup.

September 2021

  • Resolved an issue which prevented the user from being able to delete images added to an event before Event Creation for Venues was activated on an account.
  • RSS feed toggle adjusted to sync with the public timer, preventing events from being added to the feed until they become public.
  • Resolved an issue causing event upsell images to not appear. Note: this is a point in time resolution for future events. 
  • Resolved an issue causing the Advanced Settings section in template creation to appear closed on any template set as the default template.
  • Resolved an issue causing newly added genres to not be selectable.
  • Price Levels Improvement: Updated error messaging to allow new price levels to be added after a new price level has been reached.
  • Brand Gateway: Updated access to brand-level gateway settings to avoid any unintentional brand gateway changes.
  • Client Editing Ownership Fee Templates: Resolved an issue causing ticket types using client editing ownership with legacy fee templates to reset to their default template fees if a change was made to ticket price, allotment, or status in the Ticket Manager.


August 2021

  • Resolved – Event Level Promo Code Timers: Resolved an issue causing event level promo code timers to send in PST instead of in the event time zone.
  • Resolved – Guest List Uploader Format Example: Resolved an issue causing the 

July 2021

  • USPS API Update: Added address validation for address fields that exceeded the character count designated by USPS.
  • IMA Gateway Changes: Added the ability to change from one gateway to another when both gateways use the same currency.
  • Resolved – Shipping Labels: Improved an issue causing a blank page to display when generating a shipping label.

May 2021

  • Promo Code Deduction: Added a “No deduction” option for promo codes used as access codes.
  • BOCA Printing: Resolved an issue with the new BOCA FGL code not displaying barcodes.
  • Shipping Labels: Resolved an issue with shipping labels not loading if a label is missing.

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