Product Updates for Reporting

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October 2021

  • Added audit logs for payment plans that have been voided or reinstated.
  • Shipping Order Status: Resolved an issue causing shipping order stats to not update on schedule, causing a misrepresentation of fulfillment stats.
  • Affiliate Report: Created a new affiliate report which tracks affiliate sales by event date, which will give affiliates a better reporting tool for tracking which events they sell the most tickets for.

September 2021

  • Daily Stats Email (Stabilization): Improved logic for daily stats email sends.
  • Permissions – Scheduled Reports: Added scheduled reports permissions for Client Service staff.
  • Unsold Tickets: Resolved an issue causing deleted ticket allotments to appear in unsold ticket counts in daily stats emails and other reports.
  • Resolved – Daily Stats Email: Resolved an issue causing the Daily Stats Email to not send due to a timeout when gathering data for the email.

August 2021

  • Daily Stats Email: Added unsold column in client level daily stats email.
  • Resolved – Spelling Issues: Resolved a spelling issue on the Create Gateway tool. 
  • Resolved a spelling issue in the Open Balance by Event report.

June 2021

  • Promo Codes on Live Stats: Adjusted the way promo codes are reported in the live stats to properly calculate the number of tickets using a code in order to align the live stats with downloaded reports.
  • Order Details for Refunds: Added the status “refunded” next to refunded tickets in the customer-facing order details.
  • Promo Code Live Stats: Resolved an issue with promo code discount amounts displaying multiple times on orders with 2 or more tickets in the live stats.
  • Event Upsells: Resolved an issue with event upsells displaying twice on an event and causing the customer to remain on the processing step.
  • Custom Forms: Resolved an issue causing custom forms to fail when duplicating an event with a custom form.

March 2021

  • Report – Event Audit Report: Updated coloring and report description for easier readability.
  • Report – Scan Counts Per Event: Released a client level report including total scan counts per event split by paid and comp tickets.

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