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January 2022

  • Updated On Sale Date setting to separate On Sale and Off Sale Dates to make it clear to users that the On Sale Date is not mandatory.
  • Resolved an issue causing client accounts set to add comps on top of allotment to display an error when reducing the allotment below the total reserved and comped tickets instead of just reserved tickets.
  • Updated duplicate feature to mirror delayed delivery settings.
  • Added copy functionality to the custom event link field.
  • Updated group open/close link to a toggle to make the field more user-friendly.
  • Resolved an issue causing [Deleted] Template to appear on copied and duplicated events instead of the original template name. The [Deleted] Template label will only appear when an event’s original template was deleted.
  • Resolved an issue causing the RSS feed setting to toggle off after logging into Facebook in the Promote section.
  • Updated the Basic Info section change long entries to use the event time zone instead of GMT.
  • Updated Message field to be a required field to keep users from saving a blank field.
  • Resolved an issue allowing non-whole numbers to be entered into the Purchase Limit field.
  • Resolved an issue preventing the first ticket in a reserved seating section from being deleted when additional ticket types in the pricing section had sold tickets.

December 2021

  • Expanded the character limit on the event header and subtitle from 40 characters to 60 characters on the online event page. PDFs and ticket stock will still respect the 40 character limit.
  • Updated price levels feature to allow users to create price levels before a ticket has been saved. The user can create price levels immediately after ticket creation and use the ticket manager section save button to save all work. Updated error messaging to prevent users from creating price levels for lower amounts than the initial ticket price.
  • Added template name to fee template setup pages and event edit pages to easily reference which template was used to create the event.
  • Changed the on sale date and time field from “General On Sale Date & Time” to “On Sale Date & Time” to reduce confusion when setting up a presale.
  • Resolved an issue causing the incorrect creation and last updated date to display in the template manager.

November 2021

  • Updated shared allotment UI to block users from removing a ticket type from a shared allotment after the ticket type has already sold tickets
  • Added additional messaging to the Ticket Manager to note which ticket types are using price levels.
  • Resolved an issue blocking ticket types created at the template level from being deleted.
  • Resolved an issue blocking a template from being saved when the template was marked as the default template.

October 2021

  • Event Creation for Venues Improvements:
    • Added Custom Terms version 2 feature to template level.
    • Adjusted the genre dropdown to order music genres alphabetically.
    • Resolved an issue causing the will call list email address to disappear from the template level when making a change to the Advanced Settings page.
    • Improved UI of Event Creation for Venues form by widening the viewport and adding a sticky breadcrumb to the top of the page.


September 2021

  • Removed additional artist info from output in Headliner and Supporting talent fields.
  • Adjusted the Venue field to remove text when making edits, to let the user know that a new venue needs to be added in order to alter the name of an existing venue.
  • Resolved an issue which prevented the user from selecting their desired fee display method.
  • Resolved an issue causing the public status of an event to change when info in the Basic Info section was altered on events using older templates. 
  • Resolved an issue causing fields in the Ticket Settings section to not save if no will call list email was prepopulated.
  • Resolved an issue causing a yellow warning bar to appear without instruction for the user.
  • XML Feed: Added a WordPress status field to the XML feed to mitigate an issue with events republishing on timeout.
  • Timer Delay: Improvements made to the timer delay experienced during onsales. Note: the event page still uses caching, but after users clear their cache, changes should appear immediately. 
  • Promo Code Timers: Added a time zone setting to client level promo codes which allows clients to set a time period for promo codes which apply to all events on their account.
  • Alt Terms & Conditions Improvements: Added V2 Alt Terms & Conditions settings to the template level for legacy event creation.
  • Guest List & Shipping Order Uploader: Added new formatting to the Guest List and Shipping Order Uploader helpers to include column letters, making it easier for a client to match their document with our formatting example.
  • Resolved – Templated Delivery Methods: Resolved an issue causing delivery methods to not carry over from the template level.
  • Resolved – Refunded Tickets on Dashboard: Resolved an issue causing refunded tickets to not be removed from ‘sold’ figures on the dashboard when an event had been canceled.

August 2021

  • Added an image cropper, allowing clients to crop uploaded images during event creation for an improved layout on the event page and confirmation PDFs.
  • Resolved an issue causing the second image uploaded in the image gallery to appear twice on the event page.
  • Adjusted the alignment and spacing on the template and event creation confirmation pages.
  • Resolved an issue causing the save buttons on the template level to stay active after mandatory fields had been filled out.
  • Added the ability for Mobile Wallet to be selected on Event Creation for Venues events (Note: Do not use this delivery method until the Mobile Wallet feature is in Beta).
  • Resolved an issue causing the creation date for events created with Event Creation for Venues to appear incorrectly in the database.

July 2021

  • Client XML Feed: Added publish date and UTC time fields to the client XML feed to improve website ‘Just Announced’ abilities and provide accurate event date/time data to HIVE for cart abandonment.
  • Delayed Delivery: Improved the user flow when setting up delayed delivery to require the user to have an initial delivery method turned on before turning on delayed delivery. This will prevent events from ending up with no delivery method after the delayed delivery date has passed.
  • Updated ticket stock visuals in review section to mirror content added in Customize Tickets.
  • Added error handling when users try to delete tabs or groups with tickets inside.
  • Added group headers to genre dropdown, making it easier to find a genre in a specific category.
  • Updated event description UI to keep formatting when pasting information from another source, making it easier for clients to add artist or event info from required sources.
  • Resolved an issue with events in moderation having the status of ‘active’ instead of ‘pending’.
  • Temporarily removed price level settings from the template level to implement an improvement that will prevent clients from creating accidental price level decreases when editing the base price of a ticket with price levels created at the template level.
  • Resolved an issue causing shared ticket types created at the template level to block advanced settings and price changes attempted at the event level.
  • Resolved an issue with the scrolling animation not allowing users to scroll past the Basic Info section on event edit.
  • Resolved an issue which caused reserved seating tickets populated from templates using reserved seating charts to appear as GA on the event page instead of displaying on a reserved seating chart.
  • Added the ability to edit the name of a tab or group.
  • Updated the WYSIWYG event description field to allow users to copy and paste information into the field while keeping formatting intact.
  • Added the SMS delivery method to the brand-facing add delivery method dropdown.
  • Added the full custom event link to the review section, making it easier for users to copy and paste the custom url into their browser.
  • Resolved an issue with delivery method sort not saving.

June 2021

  • Delayed Delivery: Improved the standard text in the delayed delivery initial email to provide better instruction to the customer.
  • Client XML Feed: Updated the <img-sm> field to display the event image in true dimensions instead of cropping the image to a square; resolved an issue causing events to appear on the XML feed more than once if they have multiple organizers
  • Resolved an issue with reserved seating events displaying unsold figures next to each ticket type in a pricing section instead of listing the unsold allotment in the top ticket only.
  • Resolved an issue with event images appearing broken after upload due to image file size being too large. Error handling has also been added to the image uploader.
  • Resolved an issue allowing ticket types with sold allotments to be deleted from the event dashboard and live stats. Ticket types with sold tickets will no longer include the option to delete in the ticket manager.
  • Resolved an issue causing users with certain IP addresses to be unable to access the application.

May 2021

  • Added fee display dropdown to ticket settings on the template level
  • Removed the “add tab” functionality when cart is not activated
  • Updated review section to include price level settings in ticket section and state in venue section
  • Updated verbiage of “Taxes” to “Tax”
  • Removed “DO NOT USE” delivery methods from new delivery method dropdown
  • Client XML Feed Adjustments:
    • Removed “$null-null” setting in price field for shell events
  • Refactored genre loading to make it more dynamic and easier to add new genres in the future
  • Resolved an issue with a duplicate tag entry being created when using a comma to enter a tag value 
  • Resolved an issue with custom PDF and ticket stock values appearing in the opposite fields
  • Resolved an issue with text in the WYSIWYG field loading on to of the calendar selector 
  • Updated age dropdown to a dropdown/input combo field so users can enter a custom age setting
  • Swapped UI placement of PDF and ticket stock customization fields to improve the user flow for venues using mostly print at home ticketing.
  • Updated background color of group header to read better
  • Improved event image area user interface design
  • Adjusted breadcrumbs to remain Resolved on the screen when the user scrolls
  • Adjusted style cursor on clickable areas
  • Removed unusable navigation on template confirmation page
  • Resolved an issue with the ‘x’ option on the multi input field bubbles
  • Resolved an issue with event images breaking after upload
  • Resolved an issue with toggle buttons appearing in the wrong state on hover
  • Resolved an issue with checkboxes appearing as input fields
  • Resolved an issue with Advanced Settings option appearing on the event level instead of the template level
  • Resolved an issue causing some venues to crash for some client users. Monitoring of this resolution will continue until we can confirm the issue is solved.
  • Resolved an issue with the event title not allowing more than 54 characters after the first save.
  • Removed existing delivery methods from the new delivery method dropdown to avoid entering the same delivery method more than once.
  • Added a blank first entry in the new delivery method dropdown to provide a better user experience when adding new delivery methods.
  • Adjusted sidebar navigation UI to be more user-friendly.
  • Adjusted UI for groups and tabs to allow users to hit “Enter” after typing in text in order to exit the field.
  • Client XML Feed Adjustments: Adjusted order of events to appear based on event time when a client has more than one event in a day.

April 2021

  • Improved mobile experience
  • UI spacing adjustments in ticket manager, price levels, settings icons
  • Ticket descriptions returned to template and event levels
  • Resolved an issue with receipt images not saving properly
  • Resolved an issue with pages opening at the bottom after save
  • Adjusted Review section to only show delivery methods which are active on the event
  • Resolved an issue with the Review page edit icons not functioning
  • Resolved an issue with VE events appearing in moderation by mistake
  • Added ability to customize PDF receipt images by ticket type [BETA] 
  • Event Creation for Venues Timer: Resolved an issue with the public/announce timer not firing on time.
  • Resend Email Refunded Tickets: Resolved an issue with the resend email feature resending refunded PDF tickets to the customer.
  • Resolved an issue with the customize tickets section save button not appearing as saved
  • Adjusted customize tickets UI and messaging
  • Adjusted field lengths for more uniformity
  • Resolved an issue with multi day tickets not including default pass dates
  • Removed ticket grouping functionality for reserved seating charts unless the chart is in best available mode
  • Resolved an issue with saving the same min and max ticket limit which was causing allotment changes to not appear as saved
  • Resolved an issue with ticket description WYSIWYG field not appearing for GA sections within a reserved seating chart
  • Resolved an issue with dragging and dropping images for upload
  • Resolved an issue with artist database search results not appearing after first search

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